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    ultra 150 issues

    I took out my ultra 150 yesterday and it ran great. but i do have a few issues.

    The speedo does not work at all it just shows 0 on the dash board. it is not the wheel that spins freely i checked it a few times. but where is the connection for the speedo maybe thats bad?

    also the starting system seems to be a little finicky. it actually ended up not working at the end of the day. i checked the relay and starter and they both checked out. the switch also seemed to work when tested but does that switch tend to go bad often? or perhaps a bad connection?

    maybe related maybe not the battery and warning light would flash and then when i sped up it would turn off. and then it came back on latter in the day but mostly on starting and idling.

    sorry for all the questions hopefully there are some answers out there

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    I think the first thing to check would be the connections on the battery cables. Check the ground cable connection to the block, too.

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