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    Grooves in wear ring

    I took my '08 GTX in for the 10 hour service. They noted on the invoice when the pump was visually inspected there were grooves noted on the wear ring. When I called about this, they said it was nothing to worry about. Well, I am worried about this, and I do not trust the dealer. Can anyone explain this and the significance of grooves on the wear ring better than the stealership? Thanks.

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    the wear ring (when plastic) is a sacrificial liner that takes the beating of debris and such rather than letting the pump impeller get banged up. you prop should fit snuggly within the ring and grooves are naturally caused by normal use. after a while the wear ring wears out and it is time to get a new one. at ten hours this shouldn't be a problem.

    i don't blame you for not trusting the dealership, but they were right on this one. best thing to do is get as familiar with your ski adn its parts as you can. the best sign that just about anything is wrong is a drop in RPMs so keep an eye on them.

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    replace it

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    or replace it lol. is this really a big deal? not that i should be questioning someone with your experience. just doesn't seem like an issue for a (i think) stock ski.

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    There is diff between light grooves and deep grooves. If it is deep, yes replace it, if not, don't. You will have light scratching just by the normal process of wear. Unless at 10hrs, you had something go through it , don't worry about it.

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    When it matters you will start feeling and hearing cavitation when you accelerate hard, then it's time to replace it.

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