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    Seadoo 4tec SC going slow.

    Hey guys I took my 04 4tec out today for the first time of the season, and it is only hitting 30. I thought I put the learner key on at first, but I double checked and its still only hitting 30. If I overfilled my oil would that be a reason for it not accelerating to full speed?

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    Did you happen to see what your RPM's were at? What kind of 4tec is it? RXP, GTX, RXT?

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    what rpms? at that speed you could have a SC washer failure or a bad fuel injector(s) or no spark on a cylinder. how does it run on the hose compared to in the water? check your plugs, make sure your injectors are all spraying and if it is not that it is time to pull the SC.

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