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    GP1200 taking on water can't figure it out..

    Hey guys, I took my gpr out this season and it is filling up with water, in 30 mins half the hull is full. I took it out, emptied it, dried it down and refiled it to see where the leak is coming from. It looks like a few parts in the back near the intake grate, and also where the ski turns the nozzle water is coming out of the bolt in the back. Anyone know what this might be? Its an 01 GPR1200 , fresh engine works great but keeps sinking

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    check the gasket where the exhaust exits the back of the hull on the right side. I pinched that gasket 1 time it it took on water fast. There are 3 bolts holding the last piece of exhaust before it exits out the back.

    Also check to see if any of the inserts are broken (where the bolts holding the ride plate and intake grate screw into inside the rear hull). Although I dont think that it would fill up that fast.

    Lastly, just have to ask... you have the plugs screwed in right?

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    Put the ski on the trailer and look underneath where the water comes out, much easier to find this way.

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    driveshaft hose?

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    Ok, I know this is an old thread but I am having the same issue with '02 GP1200r. I going to add more color than usual just to give you guys some of what my specific experience has been to see if anything jumps out at you. I am fairly new to PWCs and bought a 1200r from a guy last summer that specialized in restoring skis. It has run great for almost a full year but has (for as long as I have owned it) always had more water in the hull than I would expect for any boat. Until this weekend, I had always written it off to me riding it hard. A few submarines, hard cuts through waves and wakes, know the stuff we do on skis. I also noticed the bow rides really low in the water when full of fuel and figured this, along with my shenanigans, was allowing water to leak in around the seat or the front hatch. BUT, this weekend we camped at the lake and I left the skis (I own two) in the water overnight. When I went to start the Yamaha, the starter just dragged and quickly died (Sounds like the starter seized). I opened the seat to find water was in the hull up past the motor mounts and just below the bottom of the cylinders (several gallons drained out). Obviously that ended the weekend for that ski and I put it on the trailer. So now I am trying to figure out why so much water would get in the hull when I had it beached (backend first) and no water would be entering from the top. When I got home, I tried filling the hull (only up to the motor mounts again) with a water hose and didn't see any leaks from the ride plate or pump area. I haven't checked the exhaust gasket on the stern yet but it looks like I will be pulling the starter so the exhaust will be coming out also. I thought I would ask this group for some suggestions on things to check while I was pulling stuff out to repair the starting issue. Also, I don't think my ski has an electric bilge. The only bilge I could find looked like it worked off a venturi system. Are these passive pumps known to allow water to move into the hull while stationary? Appreciate any feedback or tips from the experienced Yamaha 2 stroke users.

    Oh, and I will definitely be adding an electric bilge pump before the next weekend in the water trip.

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    They have a common problem where as the driveshaft o rings perish and sand and water are pushed along the driveshaft and wear a hole into the driveshaft coupler. I have just had this happen on my ski. Because the o rings are hard to get to no one ever maintains them. This could be your issue. Only way to check is to remove t the 8 mount screw from the hull and slide the engine forward. Also check the rubber is intact on the intermediate housing.

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    Thanks for the tip @3006phil. I will check for this issues once I get the exhaust pipe off. Does it also stand to reason that it would leak out along the drive shaft if there is water in the hull? Just wondering if there is an easier sign that this is the issue without moving the motor? I haven't worked on these much and a little worried about getting in over my head.

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