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    gas in oil ? seadoo rxp

    hey guys i got a good question that even my seadoo dealer can't fined out i have a stage 3+ rxp that i have just put a new rrfpr and a 2rude on i was reading to start the rrfpr off at 60 psi i took if for a 4 hour ride came back and found my oil 1 Liter over full with gas i have no clue why this is anyone have and answers am i over fueling the motor? the motor has 8 hours on it and is bored .050 over

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    Yes, I was running a set of 50's with a stock ECU. Idle was rich and cause my oil to dilute with gasoline. Don't know exactly how overfull, but I'm guessing with was around a qt after running 3 tanks of gas. I've somewhat resolved the problem with a dual regular setup. I've had others tell me that if you're idle mixture is 10.5 -1 or richer you'll have this problem.
    Check out this thread.

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