Hello, I am new to the board and new to jet skis entirely. I just bought a 1999 yamaha GP1200X 2 seater and I am having some porpoising issues. I have spent the past two weeks researching this matter on this board after taking my ski out a few times.

I normally ride in bay water that tends to have a light chop to (1 to 2)ft waves at any given time with me +1 riding. When riding my ski it hops and bounces horribly in rough water. I can not get over 25 mph comfortably. The ski currently has an older style Riva ride plate. I want to swap it out with a better unit and I am looking for advice from those who know first hand which of the aftermarket plates on the market is a better fit for my kind of riding. Also, what are my limitations/expectations with this ski?

the ski current has:

Riva ride plate
Riva quick-turn nozzle
Some non OE intake grate
Riva pro-series adjustable spoosons
UMI steering

If I am leaving any details out, let me know and I will post up replys.