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    SL750 Fuel/Cooling Rail Issues

    Hey everyone,

    I'm having some issues with my 1994 SL750. First I am having an issue with fuel delivery on the ski that I couldn't quite seem to resolve before the end of last summer. The ski had a hand pump installed (from previous owner, not stock?!?) to prime the ski but the hand pump doesn't seem to be building the pressure that the ski requires to start up normally. I could start the ski with some starter fluid but it would only run as long as the starter fluid was being burned.

    I had installed a fuel restrictor on the return line last year but it seems to be decresing pressure rather than building the proper pressure...anyway, I removed the restrictor and the ski would start up just fine. When I ran the ski, I couldn't hit WOT and the ski tended to stall and/or bog down when trying to open it up. The carbs are tuned to stock for the timebeing until I figure out this issue and then i can do more fine tuning (triple outlet fuel pump installed so i know more tuning is necessary). I know that the restrictor is necessary but i'm not sure why it will start without and not with it installed?!? Any thoughts on this?

    Also, at the end of last year I was seeing some serious water leakage inside the ski after I ran it and I thought this was due to the housing assembly having bad seals. I was finally able to pull the jet pump and drive shaft this weekend and install a new housing assembly and so far it seems to be holding steady on the water leakage (i still have a little drippage but nothing like the flooding of water i was seeing last year). When I ran the ski this weekend though, I found that the cooling rail is not being secured tightly enough and water is just POURING into the hull at an alarming rate. It turns out the bolts that go into the cylinder heads have mangled threads and the only solution I can think of is to buy new or used cylinder heads that have the proper threading so that I can get a tighter seal with the cooling rail. Others have suggested the heli-coil route but I think the cylinder head replacements would be a more timesaving endeavour.

    Any suggestions for my cooling rail issue and can anyone shed some more light on the implications of running a ski that is not getting the proper cooling? I'm thinking it might explain another issue I had last year when I holed a piston on a completely rebuilt engine...

    Sorry for all the questions, i had limited access to the internet up at the cottage and needed to save all of my questions for when I got home...

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    Welcome back Adam.

    Are you sure you installed the restrictor in the return hose? Between the carbs and fuel tank.

    Are the bolt threads damaged or the head threads? You can try the Heli coils, or buy the different heads. Either way will be fine.

    Engine overheating from lack of cooling will run hot, possibly seize, and/or piston damage.

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