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    1200R Engine/Bog Issue, PLEASE HELP

    To start out I have two skiis a stage II plus 1300R and 2001 1200R with 110 hours stock except for D-plate and waveeater.

    The issue started last week when riding the ski it started bogging after appyling the throttle for 2 seconds and then will not go over 20 mph. It seems as if something would be stuck in pump or itd not running on all cylinders. I happened to suck up some fishing line same day but cleared everything out.

    So I decide to go out yesterday and throw new plugs in hoping to fix problem and it runs great for about 15mins and then starts the same problem again. So i putt back to the pier through it on my lift to flush it and it runs great, I could hold throttle at constant speed and no bog as well as hold it WOT for a few seconds. I have not run a compression test yet not pulled the pump to make sure nothing was stuck in it. I did look under and the pump looks clear of any debris.

    Anyone have an idea of what i causing this?

    Thanks in advance

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    I had a similar problem with my 02 gp1200r and found the rear carb was not getting any fuel. It was very badly clogged and I had them rebuilt, problem is now gone. I knew this because the rpms would not fall off when I removed the rear plug wire at idle. They did with the other 2 cylinders so I knew it was a fuel problem. Also make sure you're getting spark to all cylinders. Just take out the plug on each cylinder and hold it against the cylinder head (metal). Hold it by the plug boot and then start the engine. You should see if sparking. If it is sparking, then you know it's most likely not getting fuel. My ski also ran good out of the water with this problem, but putting a load on it was something different. Remember, you need fuel, air, and spark to make combustion. If you eliminate these, I would say it's something internal, such as poor compression.

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