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    just bought a 99 gp1200 couple Q's

    the lines for the oil injection is cut so i do premix now how many ounces should i use to 5 gallons?
    also the plate on the bottom of the ski in the back is the ride plate right? If so i need a new one because mine is broken whats a good aftermarket one?

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    12.8 oz per 5 gallons is 50:1, so shoot for that - maybe a bit heavier if you want 40:1 or so. Just get a Ratio-Rite cup and use that...

    Yes, the plate in the back is the ride plate. Riva makes very good ones, as your ski has a "porpoising" problem. It helps SO much!!

    I have a Riva one if you're interested - I can ship immediately. PM me for details... Here is what the plate is..

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    i already bought and r&d plate thanks for your help

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