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Thread: Flooding issue

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    Flooding issue

    Working on a 1994 Polaris SL750 that has a strange carb issue. I rebuilt the carbs and installed aftermarket reeds and triple outlet fuel pump. The bike cranks and runs great. Especially when in the high speed jets. Problem is it wants to load up when idleing. You can bump the throttle and clear the carbs and it will be fine till it loads up again. You can also smell raw fuel after you clear the carbs. Other problem, probably related, is when you kill the bike hot and let it set it will self flood. Go back in a few minutes and try to crank the bike and it is flooded.

    I have pulled the carbs and gone back through them. Checked pop off preasure to be 18. The low mixtrure screws started at 1/2 out I have tried all the way to 1/4 out. I also checked the fuel tank vent.

    Tonight I changed the spings to the weaker one that pops at 14. I would think that would make it worse but I am grasping at straws here. Will lake test in the morning. Other thing would be to put the stock reeds back in but I like the zip these have when the carbs are clear.

    Any other ideas?

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    lower rated springs will definitely cause a greater problem. the needle may not be seating correctly on the seats. needle rubber booty worn out? maybe time for new ones. they do leak. and let more fuel run through the system.

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    might check your return line make sure the restrictor is not plugged

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    Took the bike to the lake today. Still have the same flooding issue. Performance did not change with the springs.

    Performance did change with the leaky intake scoop resealed.
    I do not wish to reseal another unless there is a secret someone can share about getting the scoop off. Rubber hammer = Useless; Screw driver = chipped the gelcoat; 5 razor blades that got broke in the process = finally got the thing off. I kept telling myself there has to be an easier way but could not come up with one.

    BTW, the scoop had about a 2 inch crack in the silicon. It was all black from the exhaust. Before the reseal it would ventilate real bad and take forever to get on plane. Now no ventilation and it pops on plane.

    Back to the flooding topic. I have a new theory. I was doing some more reading here and noticed everyone prefers Mikuni carb kits. I think the ones I got were WSM. I changed the needle and seat at the time of the rebuild. The pop off gauge was showing a good seal. Tested per the manual with a wetting of WD40 and the diaphram off. However, I took the breather off and looked down the throat of the carbs after killing it. It just kept drisseling fuel down all carbs. So I am pretty sure something is keeping the needle slightly open. Two things I can thing of are the diaphram and maybe the arm the operates the needle being too long? I notice the diaphram has a little brass dot on it that operates the arm. Maybe the dot too big?

    Also checked the restricter too. Flows ok.

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    If you mean the pump shoe when you say intake scoop, yeah there's a trick. Use a long 2x4 and pry it down. Comes off quite easily.

    Exhaust soot inside the pump intake area is a sure sign of cavatation.

    The diaphragm may be holding the needle off the seat. Is the arm set level with the rest of the carb internals?

    If it's sitting higher, then it may be holding the needle off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    Is the arm set level with the rest of the carb internals?

    If it's sitting higher, then it may be holding the needle off.

    Cool. I was wondering if there was a way to check the arm. I'll give that a check and if not guess I'll order new diaphrams from Atlantic Jet. Maybe get springs and new needle seat just in case.

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