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Thread: 15f oil change

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    15f oil change

    Well I called a Kawasaki dealer to make sure they had the Kawa 4 stroke oil in stock. He said they did, but he advised me just to use a good quality automotive oil instead. I asked him how this would affect my warranty and he said they had never been asked o provide an oil sample for warranty. I want to get whatever oil I need, but I am very cost conscious as well. So if a suitable alternative exists that is cheaper I would use it, but not if it endangers my ski. Are there any oils sold at Walmart that meet Kawasaki's requirements? I ask because my Wife works in the pharmacy and we get a discount. Does Walmart carry the filter? Thanks

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    Funny, my dealer said the same thing. There are guys swearing by synthetic oil, but
    if I get by cheaper, and do the oil change more often, oh well. I still have three years warranty left.

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    It doesnt really matter what kind of oil you use, as long as it meets 4 cycle engine specs. Automotive fuels will work fine. I couldnt get to a dealer in time before I last changed my oil, so I got castrol 10w40 for a car. It was worked perfectly, power is great, and the oil is still golden after 5 hours. It is illegal for kawasaki to say they will only support their own oil in your ski. If this were true, then they would be obligated to provide free oil to their customers. Many are using kawasaki full synthetic, while others are using motul or amsoil synthetic. These are expensive tho, running 8/9 bucks per quart. If your 15 is supercharged, then you will probably need to change your oil more often, like every 10 hours to prevent more problems

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