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    found a little water/rust in an slt-700 engine?

    I bought a running 1996 slt-700 ski with a cracked exhaust manifold, and low compression on the front piston. I have pulled the heads and found the front piston to have some scoring, but also found a some water in the crank case, probably from the cracked exhaust manifold (the crack was into the exhaust area). Engine seems to rotate smoothly and sounded ok when running. I did find some light surface rust in the cylinders, and some rusty looking goo here and there. Is the engine a write off, or is it worth throwing a new piston in and an exhaust manifold, and trying it? thanks in advance.

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    rebuild the engine and replace the crank, or go shopping for engine cases in 10-20 hours. Rust you can't see is a nuke with the timer running and it "ain't cool"

    if the manifold cracked you're likely to need other work too...

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    If the crank bearings have started to rust, it won't run very long. The crank can be re-built for around $400.

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    thanks for the replies. Well, it turns over smoothly, and I cant tell whether the bearings have started to rust. If it is 400$ to rebuild the crank, might it not be smarter to just get a rebuilt engine from sbt for 750$? Yikes, I am already changing out the other engine in a kawasaki, soooo what to do?

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    I forgot to ask from the previous post, what kind of problems might cause the exhaust manifold to crack? interestingly, the cylinder attached to the cracked ear of the exhaust manifold was the good cylinder, still had 130 psi compression or so.

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