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    Electrical box mounting?

    Hi All,

    New to greenhulk, not new to PWC. Been riding 550 stand ups for over 20 years now, so yes, I'm an old guy. I've lurked around your forums for a while and impressed with the wealth of Polaris knowledge.

    I helped a friend pick out a couple of Polaris boats and I'm getting them ready for him. 1996 SLTX and 1997 SL1050. Got them cheap because they didn't run and hadn't been cleaned in a while. No spark on either, but solved that last night. Both had the CDI stop switch wire hooked up straight to ground. One had a bad CDI, but it came with a spare. Easy fix.

    My question: how do the electrical boxes mount? Both boats had the boxes sitting loose inside when I picked them up. They seem to go on top of the battery, but what holds them down? The SL1050 is missing the battery straps so I'll order those today. Do those straps hold the box down too? On the SLTX, I've got the battery hold down bracket and the bolts. But what holds the electrical box in place?

    I appreciate the help.

    - John

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    On the 96 it looks like it mounts to the hull.

    On the 97 it mounts on top of the battery make sure you have the cover installed to prevent shorting.

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    Thanks Beerdart. That diagram did the trick - found the mounting holes on the bulkhead and installed the box last night. Hoping to have both of these things running by the weekend.

    - John

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