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    lake ontario

    In and around the toronto area where do you launch from and where is there good riding and interesting things to see?

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    I would be interested in this ride too.

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    this sunday go to Longpoint Bay and Check out Pottahawk PISS-UP

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    Quote Originally Posted by taillight View Post
    In and around the toronto area where do you launch from and where is there good riding and interesting things to see?
    I like to launch out of Bluffer's Park in the east or Port Credit Harbour in Mississauga. Bluffer's has washroom and food facilities and the parking is FREE during weekdays. Port Credit Harbour is really close to numerous restaurants and has washroom facilities as well as good parking available.

    Do NOT go to Ashbridge's Bay. It's really gross with all the garbage floating at the launch ramps. Used condoms, etc. YUCK. Don't want that in your intake! Also no facilities nearby.

    What to see is the Toronto Skyline and the Islands. You can ride to and around the islands and spend some time there. As you're riding along the shoreline of Lake Ontario, there will be lots of areas you can check out.

    We've gone as far as Oakville to the west and I'm not sure where we ended up when we went east.

    The lake itself is good riding. It's never flat and sometimes quite challenging with the waves.

    Stay away from the island airport. There's lots of "keep out" markers. You don't want to be messing with aircraft.

    Note that you need an Inner Harbour Licence to launch/ride around Toronto. That Inner Harbour is actually a large area covering all of the water within the Toronto boundary up to (I think) 2 miles off shore. It's a cheap thing to get and the test is super easy. I'm sure a lot of people don't have it, but if the marine unit stops you within the boundaries they will want to see it.

    Hope this helps!!!

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