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    95 SLT750 Compression problem

    I have had this ski since 96 and run it hard every year (but maintain it fairly well), took it out this weekend cause it was running a little rough at idle, did a comrpession test and got 125 on 1, 110 on 2 and 125 on 3. Check the cylinder wash and 2 is black but dry and no clean spots near the ports. I started reading this forum and decided I will clean carbs and change to 3-port pump, but should I just rering the piston? BTW when I added a little oil to the # 2 or CEN cylinder compression went way up over 180 so I am guessing rings will do it.

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    I think you may have put a lil too much oil in there.

    Your numbers are a little over the 5% rule, but I would probably let it ride. I'd just keep an eye on it.

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    Clean the carbs, change the fuel pump, replace the hoses and call it good.

    Run it untill compression is way low and repair over winter.

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