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    08 Ultra 250x question from 1st ski owner

    Just bought a new 08 250X at what I believe to be a decent deal, 8700.00 This is my 1st jet ski ever and I am 51 years old but have always liked to have something that would run and this ski does that.
    Anyway, been reading all I can and had been reading stories of fuel in the oil and also stories of seperate issues of plugs fouling on some owners.

    "Was this fixed by Kawasaki for 08" or maybe it can be checked by my build/vin number?

    I have only 10 hours and I am taking it in on thursday for the initial oil change/service. They said they normally change the plugs but this thing runs awesome and I hate to spend 100 more bucks on plugs if it does not need them. Thought of buying a set and getting a plug caddy, putting some anti seize on the threads and carrying them in the rear underseat, is this a good idea or should I just bite the bullet and change the plugs?

    Any other tips any of you fellow owners can shed some advice on? I bought this model since it has the most storage for the wife and I to carry all of our stuff to islands on our local lake and hange out, ride some and still not have the expense of a full size boat cost and more power for short rides every few hours while spending the day on the lake. So far I love the ski, just reading some horror stories makes me kind or worried after forking out the money for the ski. Was my choice a good one for reliability? Thanks to all that can help a newbie to this sport. Mike

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    most 08 do not have GIO, and if you do you will know it

    good ski suck's on gas, DON'T change the plugs it's a waste

    and get a new dealer

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    08 have gio. Just not as bad as 07. You can buy some kinda blow-by seperator that helps with this. This is one of the reasons you may go thru some plugs. Plugs should be around 15.00 ea. (60.00)
    The dealers service on it @ 10 hours is a good idea. Just get your own plugs though. I dont know if you need a new dealer. If they go by the book, and as a authorized Kawa dealer they have to, it calls for oil, plugs, filter, and valves reset. I do not know what else as for the SC models as mine is not S.C. (Soopa Chawged!)
    You have purchased a great ski. Loves gas, looks great, best in chop and rough stuff, abit $ to maintain, but a sure-fire bitchin' ski. Great product. The $ you paid is a fair deal.

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    I would change them just to make shure they have antiseize on them. Plugs can be an issue if they are over tight, pulled when engine is hot, or dont have antiseize on threads, especially in salt water. Do some searching on plug issues and make up your own mind. If a plug breaks in the head, it may require removal of the head to repair. For these reasons some people just prefer to let the dealer handle it while under warranty so they cant say you caused it somehow.

    Here is one case:

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    Decent deal on a 08.
    I also carry a spare set under the rear seat.
    My plugs made it to 23 hours before going south. Change them and now got over 40 hours on that set. Now have 63 hours on ski.
    Myself would not change them if the ski's running good. If you do change them on the water let the motor cool down before trying to remove the old plugs.
    Also I would just pull the plugs that are in it now before going to ride again and put anti on them.

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    It might be good to go ahead and change the oil/spark plugs just cause. 08 jet skis can have GIO, and many report getting it in the break in period. There are some do it yourself fixes at home that you can do. You can remove the bottom tube coming off the oil collection can (keep it above the engine block or it will drain oil from the pan!!!) and extend it using a same sized car hose (clear if you can find it, so you can see if there is gas/oil in it). create a loop that rises above the top of the collection can and return the other end of the hose to where the bottom of the can is. This is a do-it-yourself OCMS and only costs a few bucks. Besure to get some clamps to secure everything. After you ride, you will have a few ounces of gas/oil mix stuck in the bottom of the looped hose. This trick will prolong your oil life, but I"ll still change every 10 hours along with spark plugs. Its VERY easy to return to stock if you ever have to take it back to the dealer. If you figure 2 hours per tank of gas @50 bucks each fill, for every $250/10 hr in gas, you will spend $40 in plugs and oil if you can get a vacuum pump to do it yourself...not too bad. Just save your reciepts so kawasaki's warranty wont mess with you.

    Its definitely a good thing to change the plugs because they could be overtightened and lack anti-seize. The factory recommends NGK spark plug PMR9B. This is expensive, and costs $25 each from the dealer. Go online to and order either CR9EK or CR9EIX. the EK has double electrode, but the EIX is single and should be a higher end spark plug. I'm running EK's with no problem. The EK's are 6 bucks each, and the EIX's are 7 each. Be SURE to also order spark plug caps. Use some spark plug dielectric gel to ensure a good seal. At the very least, I'm sure you can order a set of the EIX's and give them to the dealer to install. This will save you LOTS. I made the mistake of not ordering the spark plug caps and had to go to advance auto to buy some cheap autolite spark plugs to steal the caps from.

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    great advice about the tube for inspecting oil/gas

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    My Jet Ski drinks more than yours Glenozzy's Avatar
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    I have 100 hours on my 07 and only 2 sets of spark plugs.
    I now change my oil every 20 hours but not the plugs

    why would you change the plugs if it was running fine????

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    well I believe according to the manual you are suppose to at least check them every 25 hours. This would require removal and thus antisieze put back on. My only concern has been with stuck plugs and the longer they are in there the more chance corrosion could be in there. Thats the only reason I would do it , not because the plug itself is neccesarily bad.

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    Pull the trigger...

    I'm just about ready to "pull the trigger" on purchasing a (new) 2008 250x and this seems to be some good honest feedback. My primary concern is not the initial price but rather the maintenance costs.

    What is the recommended service interval and associated dealer costs for each service? I typically like to handle all my own mechanical work but looking at a 'worst case' senerio...

    Please let me know if anyone has additional insight for this model.

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