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    Jul 2008

    Was contemplating a NY City ride this sat

    I may go regardless if anyone else is,gonna bring a passenger to see the sights.
    Let me know if anyone is up for going,maybe a cool trip to bring wife,girlfriend on.

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    I can make it friday...weekend is not good for me..Have to stay around this area both days...

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    What ramp are you going to drop on and whats the planned route? I need to get my kill switch replaced, assuming that its done, i am good for sat. morning.

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    I would love to join you guys Sat morning for a ride around the Big Island. What time were you planning on leaving?

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    Nov 2008
    Staten Island,NY
    i might be interested depending on the time post up any details when you have em!!

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    I would be interested also.. Maybe we can meet at the statue of liberty at lets say 12pm?

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    Well this will be my schedual. I plan to drop in at the Yonkers ramp at around 930/1000 Take a slow leasurelly ride to the statue and be there around 1030-11.00. Head back around Manhattan and perhaps go into the LI sound; depending on water conditions. Afterwords, I plan to anchor at my favorite beach, read a book, and eat lunch.

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    Im pushing off till next sat,My passenger cant make it tomorrow.
    Im gonna ride local though with hte guys

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    Jul 2008
    This saturday is definetly a go 82 * and sunny all day.
    Gonna be at the ramp around 9-9:30 im figuring if anyone is in.
    Couple rides around the island and some fun, I wll have a passenger with me

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    What's up otto can you make the ride for Sunday? Me, dereck (meat) and roger (luda) are bringing the ladys around the island for a nice ride. Some of the girls work on sat. Can you make it for Sunday we will have a blast. Let us know.

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