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    Ticket for Tubing behind rxp

    I know its probably not the smartest thing to do and not something I tend to do, but has anyone gotten a ticket for towing somebody on a two person sea doo. Any idea what the fine is?

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    It depends on the state. Some will let you pull someone with just the mirrors while others require a spotter.

    In most cases, there has to be a place for the towee on the boat, so if you have a two seat boat you can not have a spotter.

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    heres a tip... if you are looking to go about 35 just put in the learning key then you can just keep it floored and its not so hurkey jerky on the throttle when you hit waves. Thats what me and my buddy do when sking of the back. Sorry kinda off topic but I am not sure of the law in your state to answer your question.

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