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    Ride plate or pump wedge?

    I am about to start modding my 15f with the Riva filter kit, free flow exhaust, 14/21 solas prop and either the r&d ride plate or a 2 degree pump wedge. The pump wedge is better on the wallet but i would like to here from a few people who have used them as they dont seem as common as the ride plates on the 15f.

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    I have both the wedge and the R&D ride plate, i like to have the nose up and jump wave whenerver there is boat waves so that is perfect for me,
    i do jetski on river.

    And i gain around 3 MPH with both some said you loose when using both togheter i GPS it and for me no loose but no gain.

    PS; About the Solas 14/21 on mine it was to big i lost on bottom end and on midrange, if i would did it again i will have the 13/19 modiffied to just a bit more cause i have more WOT punch with the OEM and i would go with the shreadmaster i heard very good comment on it.

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    thanks for the info, where is a good place to buy parts like the shredmaster ride plate or a pump wedge.

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    Well i dont know where you are but me i buy my stuff from the state
    here where i live in Canada it is more expensive.

    But for the shreadmaster i thing it is not available everywhere i saw them with search on the net.

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    yea just seen them on the shredmaster web page, a little more expensive then the r&d but looks like a nice peice.

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