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    MSX 150 Overboost

    Well after 4 years of owning an MSX150 I developed a problem. After changing oil and pressure washing my ski I had the 4700 RPM CEL problem. After reading many posts on this site I downloaded the service manual and studied the electrical schematics to understand how the system works. (I teach diesel technology for a living). I have changed oil in this machine since it was new and never had a problem, this time I must have added a touch too much and created some issues. Long story short here is how I fixed it. Removed hoses at intercooler, removed and checked waistgate solenoid and hoses, checked waistgate operation ok. Removed both MAP sensors and cleaned with starting fluid and dried with canned air for computer keyboards. Sprayed two cans of brake clean into intercooler and hooked shop exhaust fan to one end of cooler and left other side open. The fan I used is a 5 inch inlet so it has a lot of CFM. I let the fan run for 2 hours hoping to remove oil/brake clean from cooler. Cleaned all hoses from oil tank to air box, removed 1 pint of oil from engine and assembled. Put ski in water and ran 1/2 throttle for awhile hoping any remaining oil would flush through the system, finally I did some wide open throttle runs with no problems. Engine runs about 7400 RPMs with no performance issues. fficeffice" />>>

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Excellent and informative first post

    Four years of MSX 150 riding with no issues

    Any maintenance tips we can add to our library?

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