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    How does waterbox work?

    I know this is a dumb question but I'm new to this whole ski thing and havn't even had my rxp for 2 weeks. I have already put a riva stage 1 kit and just did the waterbox mod today and bought the riva through hull exhaust. When I was putting the waterbox back in I was wondering how the waterbox gets water into it? I assume it is through one of the lines that goes to the exhaust j-pipe but I had heard the sea doos don't use external water.

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    The Water box acts on a few fronts.

    Cools the exhaust gasses down & aids in silencing the noise.

    It has water pumped through it from the water you ride in, and ejects it with the exhaust after it has gone through the system.

    The Cooling of the core of the motor is a closed loop system. The manifold, inter-cooler and exhaust are the external water cooled part.

    Traditionally the core of motors eventually blocks up with particles from the water ridden in such as shell, sand, slime, seaweed etc. The blockages eventually caused hot spots in the engine, warping, and overheating.

    The closed loop is also useful for the ECU to work in a good known temperature, and helps with accurate fueling and ignition timing, which optimizes power output, and reliability.

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    Oh ok so the water in the waterbox does come from the water you ride in. Thanks

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