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    98 zxi 1100 stability on water

    i took my 98 zxi 1100 out yesterday for the first time. i have owned a 1997 polaris slt 780 3 seater for about a month now and am used to it. the zxi compared to it is sooo different. while i was going slow and turning it felt like it was gonna tip over. and it just felt wicked unstabile alltogether. im guessing thats normal but i dn? is there anyway to make it more stabile or is that just the nature of it?

    oh also the trim dosent work, i think its stuck all the way up? would that have something to do with it too?

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    I had a couple of ZXi's and thought they felt stable. Guess it's what you're used to.

    The trim boxes were troublesome. They would get water in them and corrode the electronics. At least you can buy the individual parts now, you used to have to buy the entire box.

    You can also look on Ebay for a good used one, but don't buy unless they post photos of the inside to show it's now damaged.

    After you install it, clean the outside and run a bead of 3M 4200 around the seam where the case halves meet.

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    yea i dn it just felt when i was turning slowly like the ski wanted to tip over kinda. i dn. im use to the bigger 3 seater that didnt do that.

    thx for the info on the trim.

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    I've ridden both. The Polaris three seater is a Cadillac compared to the ZXI 1100. Polaris is super stable and you can stand with your weight on one side "foot well" when it's stopped and it won't tip. The Kawi will tip real easy.

    I've been putting quite a bit of time on my two this summer and still manage to tip em over in a hard turn on occasion.

    They do take some getting used to.

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