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    Can't get exhaust stinger off GP1200R

    I'm trying to install the D-plate and I can't get the stinger off. I followed the directions and removed the 3 mounting bolts and loosened the clamps but its just won't budge. What am I missing? I'm a pretty handy guy and rebuilt and installed a few engines but I am stuck on this one. I thought this was going to be a simple install.

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    Did you move the rubber boot forward and loosen the other two clamps that hold the pipe together?

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    Yeah I slid the rubber boot forward and loosened the two clamps on the gray boot. Then loosend the clamp at the rear of the exhaust. It won't budge at all.

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    Nevermind went to man handle it again. didn't see the two bolts that face up that sit below the head. I guess there are a total of 3 bolts and the two nuts plust clamps that need to be removed.

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    Thanks I was looking for something like that. The Riva instructions suck! They didn't even mention removing the plastic heat shield or the hose.

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