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    2007 yamaha gp1300r

    I bought this yamaha gp1300r last year from a dealer and only had 4 hours on it, ran awesome last year and have had it out 4 times this year. Over the 4th of july it seemed boggy and couldnt get it over 55 mph. I changed the spark plugs and that wasnt the problem, so i ordered a fuel filter for it does anyone know what else this problem could be? Have not put the filter on yet just seeing what anyone else thought the problem could be, just ordered it yesterday so i am waiting.

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    That particular model ski does not have a fuel filter...There is a screen on the bottom of the fuel pump but would be a pain to get to. I would suspect it is fine though. Any codes? hold down the mode button till you see a number pop up. SHould be an 01 if something different displays you may have an issue. Also you suck anything through the prop?

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    Try checking the cylinder temperature sensors

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