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    Need help with this seadoo!

    So basically I am headed out tomorrow to look at my first Seadoo and I am very excited about it and hope it all goes well. It is a 2005 RXP with 31 hours on it. I just talked to the guy a little bit ago and the seadoo has not been licensed this year and was not last year as well. This guy im looking to buy it from says he races stand ups and this was his wifes seadoo that she just never rides anymore so they are selling. There have been no modifications dont to it and it is bone stock. My questions were, what should I look for when going and looking at this sea doo tomorrow? I have read that replacing the washers wtih metals ones is a must as soon as i get it. Any other tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Check the hull for any major dings or scrapes that could lead to problems down the road. If you can, look through the intake grate under the ski to see what condition the prop is in.

    Ask if you can take it for a test ride!

    If they allow it (which they should) make sure the ski can get up to 7700 or higher RPMS depending on conditions (Ideally 8100).

    If not, at least run it on hose.

    Ask how it was maintained.. if the dealer winterized it etc.

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    awesome, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it and will defiently do all of those

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    Dont be allarmed by a horrible rattling noise when its running on the hose, its just the impeller. Also if it has been riddin in salt water make sure he has always flushed it and take a good look over the engine, because if he hasnt cleaned it properly the salt will corrode engine parts and peel paint etc. Check the oil level and condition of the oil to, and if u do get it, it wont hurt to do an oil change if it hasnt been riddin for a long time.
    Good luck

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    If the seller seems square and its in great condition....sure! - but I might ask to see the supercharger run before handing over the cash....even if that means you ride on back and see it! If it blew 5 hrs ago you may have some engine issues..major ones!

    I really dont let potential buyers drive my skis, but I do offer to take them for a ride and show them whatever they may want...from a simple cruise around the cove to a few full throttle passes. Whatever makes them happy...(after they show me the cash)

    Its not really in the man code to ride bitch, but these situations get a pass IMO. LOL.

    enjoy! - Im sure your deal will be fine. Fun machines you will love it.

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    I would really recommend a test ride. Then, like others have said, check the current condition of the SC. Then, have a dealer run the hull numbers for previous warranty work. It is not a guarantee, but probably the most you can do for peace of mind.

    I had a dealer tell me an 05 was never repaired until I made him run the numbers. They repaired the SC, but did nothing with the motor, which meant it would have crapped out sooner or later.

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    ck the oil bro, if you see shiny metal in it, the sc washers r coming apart or broke already, mine blew up my motor at 50hrs

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