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    Need help setting Carbs ???

    I have a 97 WB 760 and had a issue with the right turn syndrome getting worse so I got a Mikuni carb kit and re built both of them ( super bn" s ) now I have a bottom end issue I tryed setting the low speed needle but it had no effect , if you ride normally all runs fine ,good performance mid, low and top end but if you nail the throttle like at the bottom of a nice roller to launch off the top it bogs badly or stalls out. If you ease into the trigger all is fine and she jumps right up I tryed leaning the low end ... no help, richer ..... no help so I gave up then I turned up the idle a few 100rpm now it only boggs 7 out of 10 time s ????when you hit the trigger quickly . It did not do this before the re build

    any advice


    PS ski is all stock no mods or re builds , original reeds
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