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    New to me STX 12F

    New to the site, just bought my first ski. It's a 03 STX 12F with 100 hours on it.

    Any tips or tricks for a first time ski owner? Anything specific I should look out for with this ski? I am fairly mechanically inclined and I do have some experience with jet skis (mostly 2 stroke Yamahas and Doos).

    Thanks for the help and great site.

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    I have an '03 stx-12f, and have found it to be very reliable. I have over 180 hours on mine. If you keep up with the scheduled maintenance, your ski should last a long time. After riding, I always run my 12f on the hose while I wash it down with car soap. After the motor cools, spray it down with a good quality 3 in 1 oil.

    My only complaint is that you cannot completely fill the gas tank on an 03 12f. The tank hold somthing like 14 gallons, but I have never been able to put more than 9 gallons in.

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    This issue has been addressed here:
    One of my friends has a 12F and he loves it. Not as much power as the 15F, but he can run 140 miles when properly filled up! He's the only one that doesn't stop for gas
    on longer trips.

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