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    Lights not coming on. Do I need to sand off the galvanize to get a good ground?

    Hello -

    My brand new LED trailer lights w/new wiring harness are not coming on at all. I can measure power comming to the wires on both the front connector and the back of the trailer. (Fluke volt meter is reading 1.2 when set to V)

    Shouldnt it be reading 12-13?

    If that's not the issue, then it has to be a grounding issue. I ran the white wire to the backside of the bolt that comes through where you put the nut on to mount the light. Shouldnt that be enough? Do I need to sand down the galvanization or is that a bad idea?

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    This diagram may be helpful.

    Normally galvanize is not a problem, unless there is dirt or contamination under the connection.

    Start at the tow vehicle connector, with the trailer not plugged in, and not attached to the hitch.

    You should measure zero ohms between the single exposed pin on the connector (white wire) and the vehicle body metal.

    Next measure from the single recessed pin socket on the trailer connector (white wire), and the metal of the trailer frame. Again, it should measure zero ohms.

    If those are good, switch to volts, and confirm that you have 12 volts when the vehicle lights and 4-way flasher are active. Each of the three enclosed sockets at the vehicle connector should show 12 volts.

    Brown should be 12 volts constant (running lights), while Yellow and Green should be flashing between 12 and zero volts (turn signal and brake lamps). If you press the brake pedal, Yellow and Green should show a continuous 12 volts (flasher off).

    Once all these measurements are correct, plug in the trailer to the tow vehicle, but leave the hitch un-hitched.

    If the lights are not working properly on the trailer, measure the volts between the vehicle metal and the trailer frame. Should be zero volts. If it isn't, unplug the trailer connector, and re-check the white wire grounds.

    Sometimes not all parts of the trailer frame are actually electrically connected together. Rust/corrosion can electrically isolate bolts and frame sections.

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    Thanks K447 -

    I will try those readings out tonight. The only difference in that diagram and my wiring is I have a white ground on both the left and right rear trailer lights.

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