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Thread: Finger throttle

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    Finger throttle

    I have a 98 GSXL, I would like to change to a trigger throttle and would like to keep stock handle bars, any suggestions

    Thanks David N

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    If you want the Riva Yamaha unit, it is a very nice unit. I used it for the 01 RX when I had it. I didn't buy the whole kit. Just the trigger part. I also have a cover for the hole removing the throttle leaves. PM me if you are interested since the thing is sitting in the garage gathering dust.

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    i heard of someone going the cheap route and buying a bicycle brake lever and modifying it.... might be something to look into if you're low on funds

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    you can buy a finger throttle you just need the cable fitting, or people spin the factory one around, I have seen all kinds of crap

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    I also have a unused Riva finger throttle conversion, I never did use. Its for a RXP/RXT. I would let it go cheap if interested, pm me.

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