after reading oceansidebills post on the accelerator pump removal, i removed it on my 2002 1200xlt. the ski is stock except for the d-plate.
i rejetted to his specs of 110 pilot, 120 mains, 1.5n/s, 42 pop off, 1 turn out lows, and 1 1/2 turns out high.
the ski starts first push ever time, it was running great till i had to tow another ski in (15mins) at just above idle speed. got him back to the beach and turned around the ski had a bog and would not rev up past 3000. i did notice while i was towing him there was alot of smoke coming from my ski, way more then normal. i went back to shore and took ski home. i pulled plugs and they looked fouled so i replaced and started on hose and sounded good.
next day took ski out and ran great. at the end of the day another ski broke down and i towed them in (5mins) and when i went to go back out i had a bog at mid range and would take a while to get going. went home replaced the plugs but even on the hose i can hear that it still has a bog. i pulled the ski apart and checked the low speed screws and they where all set at 1 turn out, and the highs where good too.

what should i do? as you know it is a pain to get to the low speed screws so i really dont want to have to keep taking the ski apart.
should i turn the lows in 1/4 turn or more?
thanks for the help