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    96 SLT 700 Lower End Gone - Need Advice

    From what the mechanic tells me the oil injection failed and a crank bearing seized. attempting to start the motor caused something on the starter (?) to break (but apparently not whole starter is shot).

    What I need, he tells me, is a new crank/case, two rear motor mounts and the "front plate?" for the starter. Apparently the head/carbs/ignition/impeller, etc are all ok...just the bottom of the motor is shot.

    Please give me input on buying used parts on ebay versus a rebuilt SBT motor. I found the parts on ebay for like $650, but i can get the rebuilt SBT for $750 and other parts new/rebuilt for a total of like $980. It just seems like less wrench charge to drop the new motor in rather than have to disassemble/assemble form parts. Also concerned that rebuilding a used motor with used parts might lessen reliablity.

    Bought this ski for $1500 like 4 years ago with virtually no hours/garage kept. I'm just sick that i didn't junk the oil injection and go to premix right after i got it.

    All thoughts and ideas are welcome.

    Randy in Florida (1st post)

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    You have found the best place on the Internet for Polaris PWC support.

    Click below for the service manual and other useful info.

    It seems unlikely that the oil pump failed, since oil starvation usually damages the cylinders and piston rings before the bearings.

    I would suspect (and I could be wrong) that the engine was stored with some moisture present inside the engine or exhaust system, and was not properly fogged with fogging oil.

    If the machine is run in salt water, then fogging is even more important.

    If moisture gets to the crank roller bearings, they will start to rust. Even a small amount of rust will dramatically shorten bearing life.

    The Polaris oil pump system generally is reliable, as long as the oil hoses and clamps are maintained, and replaced every few years, along with a new oil filter every year.

    In terms of repair options, would you be doing the engine rebuild yourself, or paying a service shop?

    SBT has a mixed reputation around here, in terms of the rebuild quality and the longevity of their engines beyond the warranty period. Some people have had good experiences, others have not.

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    response to your reply

    as you can probably tell from my reply i'm not the wrench...just the checkbook. although i can't be sure of the cause, i am sure of the resulting crank bearing failure.

    we have a fogging kit and try to use it at the end of every riding session...not just at the end of the season. the ski lives on a freshwater lake in florida but does sit for months between rides.

    i guess my dilemma is the reliability of trying to buy used parts to put on a used motor versus starting with the basic rebuilt motor. it seems like what i might save on parts i pay to the mechanic to put together versus simply paying to have the motor installed and external pieces bolted on and checked.

    are there other sources for rebuilt engines? seems like 12 months of warranty should uncover any immediate problems? if a rebuilt motor fails after 12 months of use would the reliability of a motor assembled from used parts necessarily be more reliable?

    thanks for your thoughts.

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    I have a bottom end for a 700 polaris that i've had for a while and have never used. I got it as a short block from my dealer in a lot that i had bought from them. The crank spins freely and the cases have no damage, but i wouldn't sell it unless i have my crank guy look at it and give it a clean bill of health just to make sure it's A1. I also have two brand new genuine polaris stock bore pistons. I also have the cylinders and heads, but we could possibly work something out if you're interested for just the bottom end, the bottom end and pistons, or whatever. I'm pretty flexible. I could possibly even assemble it for you or if you wanted your guy to do the work i could ship it in pieces. I have an igniton housing too if you need that, or the outer cover or both. Let me know if this interests you and we can go from there. PM please because i might forget about this thread.

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    SBT will only exchange the rebuild for your good parts. If the case is broken, it will cost you more $$$.

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    rebuilt motor

    although i haven't decided to purchase a rebuilt motor, i did talk to sbt earlier today and told em i've disassembled the motor and what was broken and they said no problem. i'd certainly confirm that if that's the direction i end up going. still hoping for a less expensive but sound alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    SBT will only exchange the rebuild for your good parts. If the case is broken, it will cost you more $$$.
    X you forgot to mention not to even get SBT.

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