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    Problem with 96 GTX- low RPM's under load

    Strange problem...

    I took it out for the first time this past week and ran into a problem. It rev'd up fine on the trailer, but once it gets in the water, and under a load, it will not pass 2500 RPM's. It will slightly surge up to that point, but seems to drop on it's face. It idles just fine in the water. It hits the 2500 rpm limit very consistently.

    I thought it might be the wear ring, but that all checked out fine, plus, with cavitation, I am assuming it will rev up past 2500.

    I changed the pump oil and there was a bit of water in there. No bad, but it did have a little from where the previous owner apparently didn't seat the o-ring properly.

    When it is running at the 2500 RPM, the whole boat shakes a little, but not violently.

    It has new fuel, but not new plugs yet. It certainly doesn't feel like fouled plugs or bad fuel. It bogs in a different way, but I'm open to the idea it may be plugs if some of you know more thabn me (and you do).

    Any ideas?


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    Try the easy stuff first. Change out the plugs. My 97 GTX did similar things on bad plugs.

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