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    took off hose and it was filled with (oilcatchcan topic)

    oil....this hose was the one that you have to remove to put the oil catch can in. This should just be normal blow by correct? i hope my piston rings arent shot. Im going to install the homemade catchcan but im not sure where i should mount it. ive heard by the battery? ive heard on the exhaust manifold. Based on the factory hose it seems like it should be low because that factory hose has a j shape to it and at the bottom of the curve is where all the oil was sitting. any suggestions. im probbly gonna mount on exhaust manifold.

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    Low. As low as you can and still be able to drain it without removing it. You want gravity to help purge oil out of the hose.

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    Where is the directions for building a homemade catch can? I read it once and now I can't find

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkalicki View Post
    Where is the directions for building a homemade catch can? I read it once and now I can't find

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