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    piston removal help

    I did search, but I don't have a piston pin remover handy. I read to heat it up then pull it off. So, to do this, do I just heat up the outside of the piston and once hot, pull straight up?? The pistons have 2 small holes and 1 bigger hole.

    Any suggestions (besides buy a piston pin puller)?

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    Have you pulled the c clips out of the piston? Look at page 9.
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    assuming you've pulled the c-clips already it's pretty easy to make a puller with some long bolts, washers, nuts and a few spare sockets that you probably have laying around. Use a socket that's about the same size as the pin and as you tighten the bolt it will pull the socket through.
    It really shouldn't be that tight unless it's been overheated or is worn quite a bit. Most of the one's I've done I've been able to push them out by hand with a little effort.

    If your doing this work with the motor together make sure you put a towel around the crank rod so you don't drop the thrust washers into the bottom end..
    Good Luck

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    got them. I was thinking the pin was in the small little holes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaarona1 View Post
    got them. I was thinking the pin was in the small little holes.
    There you go thinking again

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    That is where I run into trouble every time! Too much thinking. Grab a wrench and get some work done!!

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