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Thread: synthetic oils?

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    synthetic oils?

    I was also wondering if it wise to change out the 2 stroke oil to Amsoil Hp injector? Has anybody on here used it or had great results from it. I bought the Quicksilver premium last time and was recently told that it is junk and wears down to fast. have any suggestions? Also i was wondering do you have to drain the tank completely or can you mix in the new synthetic with it or not? Also what about the oil pump what would you recommend running, I don't know what oil is in it or how long it has been in it. Would it be okay to suction out and put in synthetic or do you have to drain all the lines also? Thanks, Jason
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    Unless you have reason to suspect there is contamination in the existing oil, or the oil is incompatible with Polaris PWC, there is no reason to remove the old oil.

    I suggest you run the old oil level down until the low oil warning appears, or you have about 1/4 tank or less. Then fill up with the new oil.

    The old and new oils should mix well enough that there should not be any problems. Run the new mixed tank down to about 1/4, then refill with more new oil, and enjoy the ride.

    There is no need to purge the oil lines or pump when changing oils.

    What is important is to change the oil lines if they are very old or original. And change the in-line oil filter every year. Also check all the oil hose clamps.

    I am using Amsoil HP Injector, and so far I have no reason to complain. I just switched from Polaris Synthetic late last year.

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    If you take the time to check independent testing by various companies you will find Amsoil is consistently at the top of the list.
    Ball bearing test, wear, stress, yada yada are always extremely strong for Amsoil. Bottom line, bang for the buck you just CAN'T go wrong with the HP Injector oil in a near stock application.

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