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    SLX 750 battery issue

    My friend has a 95 Slx 750 the battery is brand new he went out came back in went to start again and its dead any idea what could cause this?? the display on the handle bars is also dead could it be a short somewhere?

    thanks in advance you guys are awesome !

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    Unplug the MFD display until the display problem can be fixed. A bad MFD can cause weird problems.

    How to remove the MFD from the handlebar pad without damaging it

    I would suspect the LR voltage regulator module has failed. If there is a bilge pump, it is running all the time, even when the engine is off?

    Re-charge the battery (but don't over-charge it). Open the electrical box, and check the voltage on the Orange wires. Should be zero volts (or very close to zero) with engine stopped. If not, the LR module should be replaced.

    When engine starts, voltage on Orange should should rise to about 13.5-14.5 volts. If it is closer to 12 volts, then the LR module may be bad, or there may be a wiring or grounding problem.

    There is a 1/4 Amp fuse inside the electrical box for the MFD. Only replace it with another 1/4 Amp fuse, no larger.

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    There is no 95 SLX 750.

    There's a 95 SL 750 or a 95 SLX 780

    Disconnect the MFD like K447 mentioned.

    Disconnect the + battery cable.

    Then reconnect it, noting if it sparks. If it does spark, something is running or grounding out.

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