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    I'm just a little concerned, and this might just be a dumb question. I've been racing my RXT-X in the supercourse this year, and I want to question our starts with the SeaDoo. We do a Lemans type of start where stand behind the ski and jump on it then key it and floor it. My question is there any to be concerned about going WOT immediately after keying it(fuel pressure)? I haven't had bad starts for the most part, except for one where the ski just didn't come up to top speed like it usually has from the starts. Just want make sure I'm not doing any hidden damage that will catch up with me later.


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    I don't see a problem.

    Make sure the rxt-x is warmed up ,and then full throttle from the start will do no harm to your engine.

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    As long as the ski has been warmed up before the race no problems. The fuel pressure comes straight up so no worries about that. R88

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