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    rebuilt engine coming on sts 750 kawa, need some help..

    I have a rebuilt engine coming from SBT for my 95 kawa sts 750, and also the oil block off plate. While the engine is out, is there anything else I should do? The pump rotates freely and smoothly, so I think it is ok.

    My bigger question is converting to premix-the old engine died with a full tank of gas. The factory manual says the tank holds 46 litres of gas, which seems to convert to 12.15 gallons of gas. I understand I should go with a 32:1 premix for break-in. Are their any problems adding the oil to the tank, driving it around on the trailer to mix it, then pulling some gas through the fuel lines to make sure oiled gas is getting to the carbs first thing? I suppose I should drain the carbs as well.

    I welcome any ideas on even going to premix, it will be a hassle but I cant stand the idea of a time bomb oil pump failure on a new engine.

    Anyway, i would appreciate any ideas on things to do, this is my first jet ski/2stroke motor change out and I am a little nervous.

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    Hi. I'm not super knowledge guy but here's my .02..
    Make sure and follow all break-in instructions that SBT provides.
    I wouldnt change to pre-mix. Oil failure very rare on a decently maintained ski. But thats just me.
    Did you use Sta-bil or some other fuel preserver? How old is the fuel? If it is not old, disreguard. If it is, you will need to siphon ALL out and replace with fresh.
    You need to get ALL gas out if not using oil pump. Even if using oil pump, you need to pre-mix 1 quart in your tank.
    If you pre-mix, go 32 to 1, or whatever SBT says. After 1st tank, then go with what you are comfy with.
    Remember, if you ever have a problem with an SBT motor while it is under warranty, DO NOT do any disassembly or what have you if a problem should arise. This will void your warranty.
    Next time, there are a lot of guys on here that know quality builders that can usually meet or beat SBT price for motor. SBTis rumored to have some quality issues at times, but I think they honor their warranty and if you have a prob, they will back it.
    Make sure you get good instruction on pump alignment and shim motor correctly unless you remember they way it was, unless it was a "drop in" hull, which means it had no needed alignment.
    When you start for first time, run few starter a few seconds, a few times with out the lanyard to make sure pre mix is circulating in case you missed some gas some where.
    PUt her in, get her going, and good luck!
    There are other much more knowledgable guys around here, hopefully they will chime in.
    If you do go to pre-mix, some guys use oil tank as a reserve tank. doesnt take to much work to plumb this change in.

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    Huh. thanks for the reply. I thought going to premix on these older ski's was the thing to do for fear of oil pump failure. I am not looking forward to the hassle of premix at the marina, but I have been doing it with boats for a while.

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    Everyone one says go premix. In my opinion its a pain. By a new oil pump and forget about it. I own 6 jet skies. I spend alot of time on the water and I also rent my skies out. So they get lots of use.. All my skies are older 3 seater skies 95 thru 98. The biggest cause of engine failer on 2 strokes are the seals. People think low hrs is a good thing. But the problem is the longer the engines sit un used the drier the seals become. . On the 750 the crank case valve is a major cause of engine failers and wsm and many other after market company's have come up with a block off plate to fix that issue...Its just under the starter and can be replaced easily.

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    The oil pumps don't fail. The hoses get brittle & split, or they fall off, but the pumps don't fail. Most reliable part of the 'Ski.

    I recently found a new problem, the inline oil filter. I had one plug up after about 50 hours of use and blow an engine. In theory, that filter should see virtually NO contamination, but mine was plugged. Don't know what the previous owner ran through it.

    I'm converting my 750s to the screen in the filler neck, like the newer 2-strokes. When I do that, I'll remove the inline filters and flush out the oil reservoirs. Pictures to follow.

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