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    1995 slx780 exhaust issue

    ok here a wierd problem. i just bought this slx780 and it runs great except that the waterbox and hoses get hot and the hoses fail. cylinders and manifold are real warm and not hot but for some reason the exhaust must be too hot. i changed out the waterbox and hoses and checked the cooling hoses for pluggage and everything seems open. the cooling system is working and the engine temp seems fine. any ideas?

    i'm adding that this ski has only 36 hours on it so i'm guessing it sat a lot. maybe years. runs like new though. 6500rpm and 63 mph. the large cast piece that is connected to the manifold and to the waterbox is cold on the top and hot on the bottom. all the water inlets and hoses to this piece are not plugged. is it possible that this piece is partly plugged internally?

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    Sounds like the water injection into the exhaust is plugged or clogged.

    Find the place where water is injected into the exhaust manifold, and clean it out. There may be both a screen and the actual injector - both must be clean. The service manual outlines the procedure, and the parts diagrams can tell you where it is located.

    Also check the inlet screen inside the jet pump nozzle (right side). Must not be clogged.

    Take the thermostat housing off, and make sure there are no clogs inside.

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    so i see that that little brass fitting at the top is an orfice and screen. good call. i'll check that out and i'll bet thats the problem because everything else is cooling fine except for the exhaust. thanks for the info.

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