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    shopping seadoo's, which one?

    I'm in the market for a used sea doo, I am really liking the RXP I would really like to stay in the $5k range but I want the most performance I can get and has the best available aftermarket. I would really like a supercharged one. I have a KTM 450exc that is pretty trick I want to trade out if I can.
    any suggestions I am a newbie to seadoo brand but not pwc's, I always liked the looks I just have never owned seadoo before.

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    u can get an 05 rxp for round that bro, lots of upgrades out there. You must be aware of the sc washers, and look at the oil in those bad boys before u buy one, known for blowing engines cause the washers get sucked in the engine

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    I'll tell you which one to get, get the one with the warranty.

    In my opinion, buying a used PWC without a warranty is very risky, and I would not do it. This warning goes double for the supercharged models, they are susceptible to massive failures which can cost upwards of $6,000 or more for rebuilds; much of this is due to the horrendous cost of the OEM parts which need to be replaced (it's not like rebuilding a motorcycle).

    So, if you can find one with an extended warranty THAT's the one you want to get.

    You can also sometimes find one that is less than a year old, and purchase the extended warranty from the OEM before the one year anniversary is up.

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    sc washers?
    i really appreciate the help but since i'm a newb on this engine your gonna have to go into more depth on what to look for and where exactly I can look to find signs of these problems. I'm sorry if i'm being a pain lol

    edit: I just read this

    wow very good to know

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