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Thread: kawasaki 15F

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    Deh Ya Pon The Gully Sidee 345gprkidd's Avatar
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    Jun 2009

    kawasaki 15F

    im thinkin about buyin one and i want to find out from others who own one are they good crafts and other tips about them?

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    May 2009
    I test rode one and was rather pleased. Handles very well with 2 people on board, and is easy to maintain.

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    2004 with 330 hours very few problems.

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    Problem free, great on gas, good power, excellent hull.
    You canīt go wrong!

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    cayman islands
    If its your first or not even your first craft it will take u long to grow out of it meaning you will not get bored of it and there's space for mods to get even more speed and acceleration and its easy maintain and it handles the chop very good great first craft I have one and love it the hole shot is amazing I beat some Ultra's and other crafts out the hole all the time and gas takes for ever to finish you will get tierd before the gas goes lol you can ride long for less cash unlike most people which ski's suck gas like no tomorrow

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    its a great boat. I wouldnt own anything else!

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    I concur...great boat...!

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    south bend IN
    I have a 2004 and its been rock solid you have to have some balls to race in the chop but the thing skips right over the smaller stuff. Has aprox 80 hrs on it and I just did the first plug change. You will be very happy with it if you ride in smaller chop or flat water.

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    Very economical and powerfull for the price and low maintenance requirement better price on assurance than the 250X

    Price is very good for the quality of the product

    Less heavyer than the 250/260, easy to put in and out off water

    I had a 250X(with GIO) before top speed was 67 MPH my 15F with few mods is 64 on good condition.

    One of my best buy.

    Poor points: The look and color must be refresh it is getting old looking,
    Ignition key is kind of Fisher price gadget compare to the 250X.
    Less stable in Big Waves than the 250X
    Steering is not adjustable.

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    I've got one, it can burn about 10 gallons per hour so it's far from being good on fuel. That's just the way these machines are-less fuel efficent than a helicopter when you look at distance travelled

    It's cheap to buy and maintenence is low, no supercharger or pump issues like ultra and seadoo.

    Mods are a waste of money for a few mph increase.

    I wish it had up/down nozzle trim and I wish it accelerated like a RXP.

    Best bang for the dollar but it is what it is, a cheap, reliable 4 stroke with normal modern family type handling.


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