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Thread: 94 sp no spark

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    94 sp no spark

    Hey guys I have a 94 sp that is not getting spark. I just checked and I am not getting any power to the coil. I thought maybe the kill switch is bad and was wandering if there is an easy way to bypass it. Ran fine last weekend by would only crank today.

    I am sure there are lots of other things to check so any help would be great.



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    Alright guys I tested both the shut-off and the lanyard switches per the manual and I found them to be ok. Zero resistance in normal operating conditions and infinite resistance with either switch in kill mode.

    I went further and removed the MPEM to test it and I found that all the specs are within spec except two. Both of them involve the yellow/red wire that connects to the solenoid. On page 189 of the manual tests 2 and 5 failed.

    I know in the automotive world resistance tests may not always be concrete if the unit passes but normally if it fails then the part is bad. Anyone know what purpose this wire serves or if it is possible to have readings outside of spec but for the unit to still function?

    Please any help at this point would be great, even if you think I am going down the wrong path .

    Thanks again,


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