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    rxt-x blown supercharger

    my aunt and uncle have a 2008 rxt-x me and my brother were racing across the lake going 70 then i was slowing down when i was going about 35 to 20 mph it stopped. i thought i hit the off button but it wouldnt turn over so we both thought it locked up. the guys that are working on it said it needs a new sc and they said that the oil pump that runs the engine also runs the sc. but they said it looks to only be the sc. if the engine didnt turn over i think the engine and the sc are wreaked since the oil pump runs both? do you think a piece off the sc impeller went into the engine and wreaked the whole engine or do you think it just locked up. i also seen a little smoke that came out from under the seat when we pulled the seat off. i think the wiring that runs the oil pump melted and then the pump quit pumping oil causing both of them break. just wondering if anyone else had this problem.

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    You have 2 oilpumps.

    1 in the front beneath your oilfillercap.

    And one behind your pto housing,thats where your driveshaft comes out.

    They are not electrical,they are mechanical,so no wires.

    The mechanic should check both oilpumps,the have inbuild filters.

    If they find all metal pieces back of the broken supercharger you are lucky,if not the engine must be opened for inspection,and be rebuilded.

    If the supercharger bearings have gone also then you must inspect the intercooler also,the impeller is most likely broken in pieces.

    I wish you good luck on this one!!!

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    Her some pics of a supercharger gone bad!!!!!!

    Washer + bearings are gone!

    Top picture is the front oilpump
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    why do you think the engine locked up? they said the super charger is really shot so idk what the deal is.

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    if the SC locks up, it is directly geared to the engine, so it can jam and jam the engine along with it.
    or bits of the SC clutches or bearings broke off and jammed up the timing chain...

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    Sometimes when the gear that drives the sc breaks it will get wedged and lock the motor up. This could actually be a good thing. Well better than it going and not locking up. Both ways its not really good. If the motor locked up when the sc went that means you may not have had time to run all the pieces through the pumps. Good luck!!

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    the boat is still under warrenty right???

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    yeah still under warranty. i hope they check the pump they are a bunch of young kids that run the place they seem like they dont know what there talking about

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    yeah. tell us about it

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    How many hours are on this ski?
    Has anything ever been done to the SC on this ski?

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