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    Just went to premix,quick question.

    Hi everyone,i just converted my ski to premix,its a 2004 gp1300r.My question is im going to be putting premix into my tank for the first time.I know there is regular gas in my gas lines right now that dont have oil mixed with the gas.Will there be any risk of engine damage before the premix gas actually gets through my gas lines to lubricate my motor or will it get through the gas lines fast enough not to be a concern,hopefully yous can understand what im saying.Thanks.

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    HOw much gas do you have left? You can pour oil into the tank and then put mix in. By the time you get to the ramp it'll be mixed and ready to go. I also carry 16ounces in a water bottle just in case i gotta fill up on the water on long rides.

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    will be fine but if your worried pour a little oil in the bores before you fire her up

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    Why not pour a little oil in the tank now, run it on the hose for a minute or so, then do your premix conversion? That should take care of your concerns.

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    Thanks for your answers,i will run on the hose for a little while,thanks.

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