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    just got a pair of msx 150s and need wastegate help, pics included

    I got a deal on some 150s today but didnt get to lake test them, when i got to the lake one ski turns 6100 rpm and it has some diffrent type of grey solenoid as you can see in pic one. the wastegate arm was a little sticky but its moving but the grey piece has a spot for 3 vaccume lines and only 2 are hooked up so could this be the problem? you can feel the turbo doing some of the work.

    the second ski turns what i seem to remember was 4-5k rpm and you can feel no turbo., the wastgate arm was completely frozen but we have it moving and soaking. heat will be applied in the morning and it will be worked with a wrench back and forth. this ski however appears to be completely stock and untouched inside.

    i need to get these skis on the water as cheaply as possible, any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The gray solenoid is an updated part so do not worry about that at this time, getting your waistgate moving easily is the first step to success with this problem. Do the machines turn the red check engine light (CEL) on when the problem happens: if so it would be best to have the codes pulled so the right demon can be chased

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    I am a new owner of the MSX 150 also.

    To free the wastegate you must cut a small piece of rag and wrap it around the shaft. Then soak the rag in 50/50 acetone/ATF let it sit as long as possible, reapplying as necessary. This allows the lubricant to stay in contact with the seized parts.

    Then take a 17mm open end and apply pressure to the wastegate arm. You want to move the wrench towards the hull.

    I had one completely seized and I have it moving freely by hand now using this method.

    On your solenoid question, mine also has what looks like an unconnected hose, apparently it's supposed to be like that.

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    the cel flashes when the skis start but then goes away

    so if the grey part is correct on the first ski how do i find my missing 1500 rpm?

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    First we should focus on one machine to avoid confusion. A lot of posts, mine included, have delt with overfill on oil, this plays hell with the MAP sensors. Make sure the oil level is between the add and full (Machine warmed up and level). If the oil is overfull you will need to remone and inspect the MAP sensors and see if they are oil soaked. I would remove the housing from the innercooler to the intake and inspect, the turbo boost/temp sensor is mounted on that. Next I would remove the intake pressure sensor located on the front of the manifold and inspect. I was able to clean mine with starting fluid and canned air. K447 knows these things great and will point you in the right direction.

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    .... always a good idea to do a compression test. This way, you'll know where you are starting from and if all is ok, the rest is easy troubleshooting. You should see 140-145psi if 100% good. Anything below 120psi suggests something isn't right with the internals.

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    compression is 140 on all 4 cyl. the skis were owned by a old man and sat for the last year. i dobut they were rolled over or anything but we will start with the oil level then the sensors after we get the wastegate arms moving freely

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