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    Question 94 SL750 Work in Progress

    Im getting my ski ready for this season and have decided to make a few last minute fixes / adjustments.

    -Replace defective Trim/Kill switch
    -Install Bilge pump
    -Upgrade the stock Flame Arrestor with a vortex or a less restrictive F/A from a 780

    So my main issue is should I open the CDI to connect the switch propertly and the bildge to the LR23 in the box......or dont touch the CDI and splice the wires for the trim/kill switch, waterseal the lines and connect the bilge to the +12 on the battery with an on/off switch. This way I could use the bildge with the ski off and dry run the bildge when the ski is running.

    Not touching the electric box sounds like a better option to me...but maybe thats just me being lazy !?!

    On a side note I was able to mount the 780 flame arrestor but it sits alot closer to the carbs compared to the stock F/A. Could this be a potental I need some kind of spacers between the carb and the arrestor?? I was planning on adjusting the carbs by incresing the Highs by 1/4 - 1/2 turn for the additional air intake but I was waiting until I had the ski in the water to dial it in.

    Can anyone tell me what they have done and how they liked it, or any comments would be appreciated....Thanks

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    The CDI is a sealed unit inside the elec box. Just to clarify.

    Do the proper connections. Splicing usually invites corrosion and electrical gremlins.

    If you connect the bilge to the battery, you run the risk of it being turned on and running your battery dead without you knowing.

    Intake sits closer to the carbs????? What?????

    The carbs are miounted to the intake manifold. You can't get any closer to it than that.

    You shouldn't need any spacer of any type. Mount it up and see what you got.

    Check out "her ride" in the projects section, it's a modified 750 for some ideas.

    Or go to and see what they have to offer for a SL 750.

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