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    2001 ZXI1100 completely rebuilt motor stalls

    Hello everybody, Im back with more questions. I rebuilt eveything on my motor, new crank, bored all 3 cylinders over 1mm, brand new head, new wsm top end kit, cleaned out the carbs, blew out fuel lines & water hoses, drained the old fuel, switched over to premix, with 32:1, super unleaded. So I cranked it over and it started up and idled out of water... So I ventured to the lake droped it in started it up, If I pull the throttle it stalls. I tried it several times. If I pumped the primer as I pulled the throttle and it took off. When I came back down off plane back to Idle and tried to give it gas again it would stall. Also after drove it around a little hoping it would clean out, I felt the motor and it seemed kinda hot.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    first off never ever run a new motor with fuel problems,I'm guessing you forgot to hook up pulse lines or one of them.they get very hot first few minutes,thats why you heat cycle engine 3 times before putting in water,then run it for 15 minutes at slow to medium throttle varying on the trailer,then let it cool completely and then you ride it,under no circumstances should you be trying to ride a rebuilt engine with fuel primer,you might have already damaged it!!!!!did you chamfer intake/transfer/exhaust ports after boring????if not time to pull top end!sounds like your fuel is turned off or your pulse lines are not connected>Marvin

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    Thanks mrjetskey

    Pulse line is hooked up, and my bore guy did chanfer the ports. everything has been done correctly. I didnt run it more than 5-10 minutes in the water. I zipped it up and down about 1/8 of a mile and back 2 or 3 times with the primer trick just one pump to get it goin, and idled it a little in between. I started it again out of the water before I left. About 45 minutes later after I got home I started it again on the hose. And it did start right up. I am going to blow the pulse line out some air to see if it is clogged. Otherwise Im lost.

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    same carbs??? what did it run like before it took out a piston? zxi's are known for a low end bog, did you rebuild your carbs with OEM kits or aftermarket?

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