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    Issues on air intake and turbo help

    Hey guys need help again. Here is a little beginning. A customer purchased a 03 f12x and wouldnt go over 45mph and had no turbo boost. First thing we put in new plugs and no response. I took the air box off the turbo intake and wah lah a rear clip had fallen into the intake of the turbo and banged around for some time chipping off and wearing the intake blades down to where they wouldnt suck air properly and this massive clip holding the turbo from spooling. So i had a spare turbo that i think is good and we put it on. My turbo spins freely, waste gate opens properly and looks great. We just got to the lake and tested it and now it will run 50mph but still has no turbo boost and runs like an f12. My question is, could the electronic waste gate actuator be stuck open causing the turbo pressure in the little tube go over and just open the waste gate enough to not let it build pressure? How do i check this? In my thinking i could just unhook the small hose from the wategate actuator and see if i get any boost? The intercooler and air intake on the motor is not hindered and looks great inside. I suppose the turbo i put on could be bad but i crank the ski and put my hand on the turbo intake blocking the air and it is sucking like a hoover vaccum. Just makes sense to me that the boost pressure is pushing the waste gate open. Any suggestions please help. Nitro please help.

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    The WGS closes when the max boost is reached, making sure that the wastegate is open so it will not overboost. the silinode will be closed when the ski is off, and when the ski is running it will be open allowing you to blow through the line, and when the boost is reached it will close sending all the pressure to the wastegate. At what rpm is the ski maxing out at when at 50mph.

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    Test the wastegate actuator with a handheld operated vacuum more than 8 pounds. The actuator should move. If not....well, there's the problem.

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    waste gate selonoid is very common culprit also. If you can blow thru it with the engine off then it's shot.

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    rpms at top speed

    I forgot to post about the rpms it is toping out at 50mph at 53-5400 rpms. Thanks for the help guys i hope to test it tonight or tomm and post back. Thanks

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    With the engine off i cant blow through the solenoid i have not tested it running but will. I tested the waste gate actuator last night with an air compressor i put air in and the actuator and it opens and closes properly. I also know the wate gate is sealed off good because i made sure to check and clean the door when i installed the second turbo. Thanks Tim

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    got it

    Hey i got it licked. It was the electronic solenoid. I took the hose off the waste gate actuator and wah lah it will haul butt now and over boosts. I will replace the solenoid this weekend and everything should be fine. Thanks for all the help i understand the system a lot better now with all you help. Thanks Tim

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