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    checking or changing front seal on slt 700

    I have a 1996 slt 700 that has low compression on the mag cylinder, and it seems there is much info about a leaking front seal causing a lean condition.
    Do I have to pull the engine to change the front seal on this engine?

    I also read a post where someone was checking front and real seals by spraying carb cleaner around the seals while the engine was running-is the idea that the engine changes rpm if the seals are leaking?

    I did read about the pressurizing of the engine, but that seems like a challenge to seal the engine off, rig gauges, and so forth.

    Any Front seal info is appreciated, how hard, and so forth-thanks in advance.

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    The front seal NO. It is actually in the rear stator housing,housing is then sealed against the cases.

    With an engine this old,it is recommended to leak check or replace the seals while you are doing repairs. ( I cut corners,depending on reason for repair,[ I beleive in parts durability] than watch closely when it is running )

    To replace the rear seal you need to seperate the cases.
    What happened to your compression ? Low or missing ?

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    I bought this ski barely running but with a broken exhaust manifold ear on the pto cylinder that had 127psi compression. The mag side piston was down to 60 psi, piston scored. I dont know if their is a relationship between the mag side piston being low, and the pto side piston having the broken exhaust ear.
    The engine got some water/rust in it, so I am trying not to do a full top end job until i know th ebottom end is going to hold for a while. Anyway, there seems to be enough info on the front seal leaking causing a lean condition on the mag piston, so I thought I would change the front seal if easy.

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