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Thread: Short Rant

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    Short Rant

    So i just remembered something that i need to rant about....This is just my opinion but dnr's need to be on the water more patroling. My family and i were in our ski boat on the 4th spending some quality time and just going for a ride when we were going through a narrow channel and these two kids fly through a slow wake zone and nearly ran into the back of us...that was the first time he got lucky...then while we were in the narrow channel where 2 boats can barely go through the kid tries to drive around us and nearly hits an oncomming boat. so at the outlet of the channel the kid floors it probably 15 feet from the right side of the boat and soaks us..that was the final i got the attention of his friend who knew what he was doing and being polite i said to him its kids like him who ruin all the fun and the sport of jetsking for others and the kid said that the skis were there parents and they only just starting to learn how to ride skis.. since it was the 4th of july and it was really busy i sounded my word and told them that either they could get really hurt or even worse hurt someone else. I got the registration numbers off of the other ski and i felt it was best that i called the dnr about those kids.

    I just hope that everyone had a safe holiday weekend and everyone had fun without getting hurt

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    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do

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    our water ways are full of fuckwits like that, sorry about the language but there is no other word that really describes them in full.

    they have all of 20 hours exp and they thin k they are veterans but as we all know veterans dont ride like fools on the water.

    mother nature is one beautiful lady but she is an unforgiving bitch when she wants to be and that coupled with idiots on motored craft is a recipe for disaster.

    always use your heads and be careful....after a accident i had i doubled the legal distances i keep from other people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorilla03 View Post
    the kid said that the skis were there parents and they only just starting to learn how to ride skis..

    That's the disturbing part... These knuckleheads have never touched one, yet they drive like that the first time out. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

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    first time out on the 4th!? thats a great time to learn how to ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBXJeepGuy View Post
    That's the disturbing part... These knuckleheads have never touched one, yet they drive like that the first time out. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

    while my wife is in Shop rite, I head over the area ramp and have my coffee and watch the action:
    I see 3 parents, 2 men and 1 lady watching their kids zooooom around the launch area. what caught my attention was the loud burst of throttle applied while stationary floating on the dirt ramp. I could hear the debris shoot from the pump and splash the parents as they gave full throttle starts. There were "3" teenagers on a Yami sho, and the other 2 kids were on a RXPX, WTF...
    they`re riding like assclown right in front of the parents with the "no wake" sign clearly marking the area. They zoooom right across the water into the shallows and into the bay area without regard to who is around them, good thing it was not busy...
    The parents are just as ignorant as the kids. I would guess none of them have their certificates to operate a PWC, they looked to young... these are the kind of people I avoid while out on the water...

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    Every year you see the same thing. We had the same issue with some fat asshole on a vx that was going through an area where boats and ski's can pull to the side and hang out for the day. He was flying through causing wakes and taking people out on the bay w/ out proper life preservers and was pissing everyone off. And obviously the boaters looked at us and we just shook our heads. And I see young kids out on the water doing the same stupid shit. The parents let them get there license but don't teach them how to ride safely.

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    Problem probably stems from a couple things... people don't give a damn about anything but themselves (at least it seems worse these days), and people (kids) seem so privileged nowadays that they don't respect what they have and what's around them.

    Thus, you have the kids flying by on their mommy and daddy bought 70mph ski that will be replaced if (when) they wreck it, and lack of observational skills often bring them in hairy situations that they miraculously escape due to dumb luck.

    I'm 22 (as of today!) and I can't believe i'm saying this Damn kids.

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    I hate seeing teens drive like crap. I am 18, but I have been driving skis since I was like 12 (with my dad) so I am pretty experienced when it comes to looking out for dumbasses and being aware of my surroundings. My Aunt has a 31' Formula Powerboat, its amazing how many kids will just cut right in front of her w/out looking acting like they are the only ones on the lake...

    Oh...another good story. my Uncle has a place on an inland lake. A few doors down I hear this older 2 stroke Polaris just wind open throttle, but I cant see it, so I look in closer to shore, there it is, ON the dock thing, which is on shore, backing off it at full dad and I just laughed...then of course he just turns around and hammers it in like a foot of water

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    Dont stereotype the teens you see out there, everyone of them may not be bad...but its the little shitheads that do stuff like what you guys are talking about that cause people to get pissed off everytime you see a teenager out there.

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